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Onderwerp: Bad HELO - Host impersonating hostname [web0115]

11-04-2018 20:59

My WordPress website has been working perfectly for a couple of weeks and all user registrations were sent through to me (using the PostSMTP plugin). But then yesterday I started receiving emails  with the Subject: Bad HELO - Host impersonating hostname [web0115] instead of the registration requests. I can see in the PostSMTP email log that these error report emails are the result of attempted registrations and have confimed this with some dummy registrations and test emails from the website. I have also tried a number of different configurations for PostSMTP, nothing works. 

I did not change anything on the website and as far as I can see there have been no updates to WordPress, Vimexx or PostSMTP in the timeframe the error appeared (11/04/18 00:05 and 11/04/18 11:32). 

Does anyone have any ideas how I can this error fixed? Is it a WordPress, PostSMTP, Vimexx or 'other' problem?


13-04-2018 12:43

Hi David,

Im happy to help you with this!

Did you changed the SMTP hostname or changed anything in the DNS? Of is it happening without any reason? Can you tell me the exact details (without the password etc) which you configured in the plugin?

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