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is automatic the update with cange plan from plus to compleet?

Naam: Eugenio B

Titel: Member

Geplaatst op 05-03-2017 14:19

is there an automatic change plan from plus to compleet? or i must move all websites manually?

Datum 05-03-2017 14:19:47

Naam: Naud J

Titel: Member

Geplaatst op 06-03-2017 10:30

Hello Eugenio,

Thanks for your post on our forum.

Ofcourse there is an automatic system to realise an upgrade! You can do this via our customer panel. Please go to our customer panel, click on "hosting beheren" > the icon > upgrade. Here you can select the new hosting package and upgrade it without any loss of data!

Datum 06-03-2017 10:30:08